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It saw the state of Indian Agriculture, the opportunity which it represented and the vacuum there was for organized intervention in this sector. Albeit, from global MNCs to homegrown players, to small SMEs, there were plentiful of players in Agriculture. What this sector lacked was a player who could integrate the myriad agriculture interventions into a cohesive solution for the farmer.
In 2021, Agri Business of NARAYANA AGRI declared its vision to deliver Farm Tech Prosperity to farmers through end-to-end Avant Garde solutions across the Agricultural spectrum.
With a spread of businesses from Agri inputs, to agronomic advice, to buyback and market linkage, NARAYANA Agri’s mantra is to help the farmers Rise.

Harvesting Crop Field

The importance of quality seeds has been recognized from time immemorial. The old scripture, Manu Smriti says Subeejam Sukshetre Jayate Sampadyathe i.e., Good seed in good soil yields abundantly.

Our vision is to deliver superior genetics through innovation and frontline technology to overcome climate change for sustainable food and nutritional security thereby enabling our stakeholders to RISE.

NARAYANA Agri’s Seeds Business has established R&D program in Field and Vegetable Crops. Given its focus on quality, technology & a good traction among our farmer partners, the company is well on its course to become one of the leading brands for Hybrid seeds in the Indian market; making its small contribution of delivering prosperity to farmers in the country.

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